Bailey’s Grove Baptist Schools uses A Beka Book Christian school curriculum. We believe A Beka sets forth a standard of excellence in academics, quality, appearance, balance, and integration of Bible throughout their materials.

Graduates must have attended their final semester with Bailey’s Grove Baptist Schools, and must have accumulated a minimum of 23 credits in the following areas of study:

Bible 4 Social Studies 3
English 4 Foreign Language 2
Math 4 Electives 2
Science 3 P.E. / Health 1

One of the qualities you will find among the teaching staff is a heart for ministry. The reason is simple. The school is a ministry. Our teachers have a sincere desire to serve the Lord; believing that teaching in the Christian School is the will of God for their lives. We both encourage and instruct our teachers to communicate effectively with parents. The teachers are in no way a replacement or substitute for the parents but rather co-laborers together with Christ in an effort to assist the parents in the rearing of their child. Therefore, communication between teachers and parents is a must. Your student’s teacher will contact you for a parent-teacher meeting at the end of the first grading period. You may call the school and schedule an appointment with your student’s teacher and/or principal at any time.

A school dress code is important for several reasons. Of primary importance is that it sets minimum standards for modesty. It is widely recognized that behavior is related to dress. A proper climate for learning demands attire appropriate for the classroom. The administration reserves the right to be the final judge of clothing or fashions that may be deemed inappropriate.

  1. Hair
    1. Hair must be clean and neatly styled.
    2. Eccentric hair styles and/or coloring that call attention to the student and away from the classroom lesson will not be allowed.
  2. Make-up may only be worn in moderation.
  3. Shirts and Tops
    1. Shirts must be modest.
    2. Girls may not wear dresses, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, etc., with writing appearing principally and/or exclusively across the bust line.
    3. See through tops are immodest and may not be worn.
    4. Necklines may not be any lower than the width of the first three fingers placed together from the top of the sternum (breastbone). The student’s own fingers are used for the measurement.
    5. Blouses and tops with worldly, questionable, suggestive, or sinful pictures, or words will not be allowed. If there is any doubt about a top, bring it to the office for approval before it is worn.
    6. Tops that are representative of another religion or religious school may not be worn.
    7. Proper undergarments are required for all occasions. (penalty: 50 demerits)
    8. No athletic style t-shirts or clinging t-shirt material for ladies tops.
    9. All tops and blouses must fit modestly (undergarment lines must not show through; the fit must not cup around or below the bust line).
  4. Skirts and dresses
    1. Skirts or dresses must be worn for all occasions unless otherwise noted.
    2. Skirts and dresses must completely cover the knee at all times, whether standing or sitting.
    3. Slits are allowed in dresses and skirts; however, the top of the slit may not be any higher than the bottom of the knee.
    4. A slit may not be more than four (4) inches above the hem line of the dress or skirt, and only one slit per dress or skirt is allowed. Slits must be sewn: they may not be pinned.
    5. Undergarments may not show through the slit.
    6. Slacks, pants, gauchos, shorts, etc. are not permitted.
    7. Skirts must fit properly and be modest.
    8. The skirt material must break over the knee when the girl is in a sitting position and her feet are flat on the floor. This rule applies in addition to the 2” rule.
    9. The improper tightness of skirts is determined by one of two different criteria. Any violation of one of these will make the garment too tight and, therefore, unacceptable.
      1. Undergarment lines showing through the garment.
      2. Garment does not hang freely (it must not cup under the hips).
  5. Culottes
    1. Culottes may be approved for certain activities. When they are allowed, it will be announced in advance.
    2. Culottes must look like a skirt.
    3. The following culotte patterns that are approved are: Mrs. Hooker’s pattern, and the Christian Womanhood pattern.
  6. Footwear
    1. Nylons, tights, or socks must be worn at all times.
    2. Tennis shoes are not allowed except at athletic events and other special events announced in advance.
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Sloppiness, although it may be a trend, is neither fashionable nor stylish. Clothing must be worn neatly.
    2. Girls may wear only one earring in each ear, and that earring must be on the earlobe only.
    3. No body piercing of any kind is allowed.

  1. Hair
    1. Hair must be clean, neat, and evenly tapered from the neckline upward.
    2. Eccentric or nontraditional hair styles are not allowed. This includes spiked hair.
    3. No moustaches, beards, or eccentric sideburns are permitted.
    4. Male students may not attend Bailey’s Grove Baptist Schools unless their hair is of their natural color.
    5. Students who fail hair check may not attend classes until their hair has been cut properly.
  2. Pants
    1. All pants must have a crease.
    2. No jeans of any color may be worn.
    3. Pants that have belt loops must be worn with a belt.
    4. No tight or baggy pants are allowed. Pants may not drag the floor. They must be hemmed and not frayed.
  3. Shirts
    1. Shirts must be neat and clean. Work shirts or discolored and sloppy shirts will not be allowed. Pink and lavender shirts on boys are not allowed.
    2. Shirts must have a collar and sleeves. Tank tops and sleeveless shirts are not allowed.
    3. Only the top button may remain unbuttoned.
    4. All shirt tails must be tucked into the pants.
    5. Shirts with worldly, questionable, suggestive or sinful pictures or words will not be allowed. If there is any doubt about a shirt, bring it in to the school office for approval before it is worn.
    6. Dress shirts must be worn when a tie is required.
  4. Footwear
    1. Tennis shoes are not allowed except at athletic events and other special events announced in advance.
    2. Socks must be worn at all times.
    3. Shoes must be either a dress shoe or dress casual shoe and worn with dress socks. Shoes must not be an athletic shoe or have markings that resemble an athletic shoe. They may not be an outdoor-type shoe and may not be work boots of any kind.
  5. Shorts for male students
    1. Shorts should be to the knees or longer and may only be worn on the soccer field, in the gym, and in the locker room. Wind pants may be worn for PE. Shorts may not be worn in the hallways, classroom, and at off-field campus locations.
    2. Above rules apply to all team uniforms as well as practice uniforms.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. On dress-up days (Wednesday), boys must wear a dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. The tie must be worn properly with the collar buttoned and the knot tight to the collar.
    2. Necklaces, earrings, chains, and other feminine jewelry will not be allowed.
    3. No piercings of any kind.
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